Once a fee has been agreed for the provision of services by the Magician for the Customer, a 50% deposit is required to secure the booking for the agreed date, time and venue.
The Customer agrees to provide the Magician with a space sufficient to carry out his obligations.

If the Magician is unable to perform because of sickness, acts of God or any personal accidents or emergencies then the Magician agrees to refund all pre-payments made by the Customer unless an alternative arrangement is agreed between the Customer and the Magician, such as a replacement performer arranged by the Magician or an alternative date is agreed for the booking.

If the Customer cancels the booking 28 or more days before the booking date, any fee already paid by the Customer to the Performer will be refunded. If the Customer cancels the booking with less than 28 days remaning before the booking date, then the deposit payment will become non-refundable. Any other fees paid with the exception of the deposit will be refunded.